My Background


I have been in the motorcycle industry since 1972. In 1975 I started road racing a Kawasaki Z-1 in Oregon/Washington/Canada and northern California. To help finance my racing, I got involved in fabrication and engine building. In 1979 I was season Champion and #1 plate holder in the open class. In 1985 I worked on the national AMA road racing circuit with Dale Quarterley riding a GPZ750 and a FZ750.

After the racing season ended, I started working at a Kawasaki shop that specialized in Police motorcycle fleet maintenance. Our location allowed us to provide service for 25 cities and 5 CHP offices. At our peak we were maintaining 165 units with two full time mechanics and one part time mechanic. I provided machine work and technical advice to the cities with their own fleet mechanics.


Kawasaki Motor Corporation

Honda Motor Corporation

ASE certified

FAA certificate