Clutch release

I have an 82 KZ1000p. it was making a scraping noise in first gear when stopped with the clutch disengaged. I had a new clutch cable so I changed it. Then it started pulling the rocker mechanism inside the clutch cover (sorry I'm not sure what it's called). It's the thing that pushes the rod into the clutch. It would pull it forward making the clutch lever useless. I replaced the spring and it seems to be better...but I can't seem to get the cable adjusted so it disengages the motor. (With new spring at least it goes back now so I don't have to remove cover every time)  It never seems to fully disengage the rear wheel- it always turns a little. Sometimes I get it adjusted but have to use the brakes to keep it from creeping forward. Any suggestions? Thanks again. Keith
PS: I can't get to the push rod adjustment (on cover) because the screws are stripped- may have to tap drill them and put new ones in -if you think that adjustment would help- The clutch was working fine before it started making the scraping noise, and then I changed the cable.

The clutch pushrod endplay adjustment under the small access cover is VERY important. I would replace all the parts in there (the adjusting screw/ramp plate/ball bearing retaining plate/clutch release. From what you're describing the ramps are worn and the release is going over center and sticking in the fully disengaged position. With the new parts installed, first give the clutch cable full slack (screw the middle cable adjuster to its minimum length). Turn the adjusting screw clockwise until it turns freely if it isn't already at that point. Turn it counterclockwise until you feel the release engaging the pushrod (the screw will get hard to turn). Back it off 1/4 turn and lock the nut. Take up the majority of the cable slack with the middle adjuster on the cable, and then fine tune it with the adjuster on the clutch lever. Always have some free play in the clutch lever travel or you will smoke your clutch/release bearing and pushrod seal.

Kawasaki Police Motorcycle Exploded View of the Clutch (Microfiche style)