Head Gasket leak

I have a question maybe you can answer. I've gotta pull the head off my KZ1000P because I have a head gasket leaking BADLY! Do you know of a good after market place to buy parts? Our local Kawasaki Dealer SUCKS! I hate to do business with them because their prices are outrageous! They want over two hundred dollars for clutch plates and springs and gaskets for this bike. I thought you might know a mail order place where I could order my parts. The head gasket is leaking so badly it blows oil down the side of my bike. Thanks Greg

I haven't seen very many head gasket leaks on this model, but plenty of valve cover gasket leaks. If you're sure that the head gasket is leaking, you might check out a Cometic gasket (http://www.cometic.com). Any after market shop should be able to order it for you. They're available in either one or two piece models. The one piece head gasket requires that you fill up the center tunnel "O" ring groove with a suitable silicone sealant, and I install viton "O" rings on the four outside studs (under the head gasket). Don't use the OEM "O" rings, they won't fit with the after market head gasket (plus they're real expensive). The "O" rings are available at most bearing/seal stores. The few HG leaks that I have seen, all have had loose head bolts. They're supposed to be retorqued @ the 500 mile service, but few people service these units properly. Another thing to look at when the head is coming off is the stud height. I've seen plenty of those not installed fully into the crankcase, causing the head nuts to "top out" without pulling the head down.