Honda ST1100-Pan European

Here are some pictures of two Honda ST1100's I set up for Honda Motor Corp. When Honda called me to set these up I was expecting to see ST1300's, as this model is being discontinued. It's a real nice model, will run circles around the BMW and much cheaper to maintain, with plenty of Honda dealers available for warranty repair and service. They're based on the ST1100 Pan European model, not usually found in the USA.  I think that they're testing the ST1100 here to see if it's feasible. The ST1100 has a solid reputation with many European Police Agencies. Honda has had a couple of meetings with the local law enforcement agencies regarding this model and what changes they might want. Honda is up in the air right now as the ST1100 is a discontinued model and there are no plans for a ST1300-P at this time. I set up 6 of these so far, with the LA county Sheriffs' Department testing two, Torrance has two on long term, and last two assigned to Pales Verde PD.

Honda ST1100-P Police Motorcycle front view with Whelen Strobes mounted and Unitrol Sirens

Honda ST1100-P Police Motorcycle left side view

Honda ST1100-P Police Motorcycle showing the cockpit view from the seat

Honda ST1100-P Police Motorcycle right side rear view showing Tomar housings and Whelen emergency lighting packages with the Unitrol Siren driver