Aftermarket stator

I have a 2002 Kawasaki Police 1000, the stock stator doesn't put out enough amps to run the standard lights, strobes and siren unless it's at maximum RPM's. I've seen ads for after market stators which have a higher output but have been told that they would burn up the wiring on a bike. Can you give me any advise on how to get more power for emergency equipment without damaging my bike? Thank you, Sgt. Billy Pike

The after market stators that I have seen don't seem to have that much extra output. Their biggest flaw is they use a recycled rubber molding from a burned up stator core, and they leak thru the wires. You can usually seal them with some epoxy. What works good out here is a Odyssey brand battery model 680. It will barely fit in the battery box, but I have had real good luck with them. They deep cycle much better than the stock YTX20L-BS.   I would be interested to see what your current draw is from your lighting and siren package. The LA county Sheriff's dept. motors before I changed the halogen solid burning red light pulled 13.5 amps. The original light pulled 4.5 amps, the replacement LED pulls .5 amp. Big difference. Usually after about 5 minutes in a pursuit the siren amp started breaking up. With the new light, no problem. They run Whelen lights and Unitrol sirens.