Kawasaki Police Motorcycle Overhaul Picture showing the cylinder head combustion chamber with 108K miles on it before rework

Kawasaki Police motorcycle cylinder head after rework, the valve faces have been ground,  seats have been ground and head bead blasted and resurfaced

Kawasaki Police Motorcycle with 108K miles on it, showing the carbon buildup on the piston. Note the clean spot around the piston edge. That is an indicator of excessive oil consumption which washes the edge clean

Same Engine after rework, cylinder has been bored and surfaced, new pistons are Wiseco oversize pistons displacing 1075 cc

Intake and exhaust valves with 108K miles on them before rework. The faces will be ground and the stem length set for proper size shims

Comparison Picture between the factory piston and the Wiseco 1075cc piston.