Valve Adjustment

While checking the valve clearance, I found 5 of the 8 valves were too "tight".  I obtained smaller shims from the dealer, and am in the process of replacing them, so the clearance will be correct.  I am having a tough time removing the shims. So far, I used a magnet and got 2 shims out. The third one will not come out! I am using the valve shim tool I purchased from JC Whitney, to release the pressure off the shim from the cam, and I can tell the shim is free. It spins freely within the housing. Do you have a trick or secret to help me remove this shim? I worked on it over an hour to get the SOB out. I got a stronger magnet, but could not lift it out.  I tried spraying carb cleaner, in case there was oil suction from underneath holding it in place. I tried a small pick, even compressed air to try to lift it out. No luck! Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This is holding me up from doing the rest of the bike.  Take care,  Chuck.

I use a small pick shaped like a flat blade screwdriver the same width as the cutout in the shim bucket, it has to be thinned to fit under the shim. You can't put much pressure on the tool or it will break off. You could take a small flat blade screwdriver and thin the leading edge to about .020" and taper it back toward the handle (shape it like a wedge). If that doesn't get it out, I will take a roll pin punch, (1/8") grind the tip to a point and place it into the cutout against the shim at about a 45 degree angle and tap it with a hammer. The downside to this method is it will put a nick in the side of the shim, which could cause the shim to fracture in use. I only use this method as a last resort because the shim is unusable (in my opinion).